Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Starter

On many occasions, the battery is at fault when your car fails to start. However, you may have a starter that has failed. There are a number of reasons that your starter can fail, and there are some signs that your starter is failing.

Oil can soak the starter and cause it to malfunction. This is usually caused by leaks from the engine. The starter can also get too much current and short out. Another reason for starter failure is a solenoid malfunction. The solenoid sends electricity from the battery to the starter. If the solenoid goes out, the starter will not operate.

You will notice some symptoms if the starter is going bad. You may hear a bad grinding sound when you try to start the car. You may experience freewheeling because the starter won't connect with the flywheel. If you believe your starter is going bad, take it to the shop right away.

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