Lincoln Navigator Offers an Impressive Welcome Mat

Few admit it, but size matters. The Lincoln Navigator is a popular full-size SUV with everything you could want in luxury. There’s an illuminated grill in the Navigator and it features best-in-class quiet ride. Other design features will wow you too.

For example, it knows you’re coming because the fob is in your possession. The Navigator’s Approach Detection lays down an illuminated welcome mat, then the door handles light up, and finally, the running lights come alive.

The Navigator’s Black Label experience starts with a luxurious and comfortable badged interior and extends beyond the amazing ride to the benefits of membership. That includes premium maintenance, on the house car washes and detailing once a year. You can even discover a recommended list of restaurants courtesy of Lincoln.

If you want only the best driving feel in your next car, think about the Lincoln Navigator, a full-size SUV with out of the world design features. Come in and take one for a test drive.

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