Travel Stress-Free with Featured Technology in the Pre-Owned Lincoln MKT

The Lincoln MKT is a crossover that is well loved by people who like to travel. If you love traveling the technology in the Lincoln MKT will help make your drive smooth and stress-free! The ever-popular lane-keeping system and the Lincoln Way App are two features that make driving this crossover a luxury.

The lane-keeping system in the Lincoln MKT activates when a driver drifts out of the lane they are supposed to be driving along. You get an alert so you can correct the drift and get back into the center of your lane. The warning is through a vibration on your steering wheel.

The Lincoln Way App is a great feature to use when traveling. You connect with your vehicle through the App on your smartphone, and you can get roadside assistance and customer service. If you need repairs on your Lincoln MKT, you can set up pickup service using the App.


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